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Why are achievements so important for a CV?

Achievements are a very positive way to give information about your skills and abilities that’s why the most effective type of CV or resume is one that focuses on them.

Creating a CV focused on tangible strengths will let the person reading the CV know what you have done, how and the result it had, allowing them to easily picture you in a similar role within their company

It stands out due to its prominent position, also it acts as a quick list of your personal selling points encouraging the prospective employer to read your CV in more detail.

How do I work this into my CV?

Structuring your examples​​​​​​​

A useful tool for structuring achievements is FAB. The acronym stands for Feature, Action and Benefit.

F is for FEATURE - Is the way you did this: start your sentence with a FEATURE word. Make this a powerful verb that might be: created, delivered, increased, reduced, saved, improved, developed or negotiated.

A is for ACTION – Is what you actually did, for example exceeding a sales target.

B is for BENEFIT – When you think about your achievements, consider how they benefited your employer or the people you were helping. How would you describe the benefits they brought in the past? What benefits you feel they'd bring to a new employer?

The most powerful achievements are those which are quantifiable, so include numbers or percentages where possible.

Here are some prompts that may help you define your unique achievements:

  • What is your biggest professional achievement from the past year?

  • What project have you accomplished recently that helped the company make—or save—more money?

  • What project have you accomplished recently that helped you or your co-workers save time with something?

  • What’s the best thing a customer said about you or to you this year?

Now have a look to some professional achievements example and review your CV for your next application!

• Winning internal or external awards

• Training others

• Introducing new processes or products

• Saving time or money

• Increasing sales or revenue

• Improving systems

Remember that is always important to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for, by looking at the job ad and matching your relevant skills and experience to it.

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